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The Catholic Spirit article of March 26th 2020      

The 20th Anniversary Mass on March 20th 2020 was cancelled 

In obedience to the Archdiocese directive suspending public liturgies, this year's Anniversary Mass was cancelled. There was a private Mass offered on that day for the intentions of all who would have attending if they were able to.

If plans are made to hold a Mass later this year it will be announced here.

Prayer Time

A couple of areas at Stonedge Farm (the home of My Lady's Knight, Inc.) are devoted to prayer and reflection. These areas are open to any who wish to use them with respect.

     Shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe

This shrine is in front of Stonedge Farm, just off the road. It marks the spot where Charles Untz landed after being struck by a car as he was walking to his job. Please pull into the driveway to park off the road when you visit the shrine.

Stations of the Cross
Stations of The Cross

The Stations of the Cross are erected in a prayer walk in three acres of woods behind the house and barn. Please park in front of the barn and follow the drive along the barn and into the woods. If you have not been to the stations before and wish someone to show them to you please come to the house. We would be happy to assist you if we can. Announcing yourself prior to praying the stations or the Seven Sorrows is not required.



The Seven Sorrows of Mary prayer walk is also available. It begins at the Pieta statue and proceeds along the inner loop, inside the Stations. Prayer aides are available inside the registration box for those not familiar with the form of this prayer.


Directions to Stonedge Farm and the Stations of the Cross:  MapQuest

Continue to pray for us Wesley McKellar!                                                                                          3569174_wlpp


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