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Seton Home Study School Newsletter   of July 2000

           Seton Newsletter          Full Newsletter .pdf (copied with permission)
           Seton Page 5 extract     Newsletter page 5 extract .jpg

Fr. Belisarius' follow-up (not yet in print) used with permission

           Newsletter Follow-up    2nd Article

Archbishop Flynn's Article

           Archbishop Flynn's Article     The Catholic Spirit - 3/30/2000

The Parish Visitor - Vol 78, No. 2

           "Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven"    pp 22-24, Summer 2002 (used with permission)

Article Written by Mara Poole

           Mara's Article   2003 - (used with permission)

Ellen's Talk - given to several groups upon request

           Ellen's Talk      2002 - Transcript of general talk

Charles' Prayer Service and Funeral Mass (MP3 format)

Charle's ChaliceThis is a highly inspirational series focusing on how all of us should live our faith
For a CD of these talks see the Materials section above

1. Father David Engo's Prayer Service     16.2 MByte
2. Funeral Gospel
                                      0.5 MByte
3. Father Philippe Roux's Homily
            10.5 MByte
4. Father Tom Wilson's Reflection
            5.1 MByte
5. Father Bernard Reiser's Reflection         3.8 MByte