My Lady's Knight, Inc.

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My Lady's Knight, Inc.     - - -     Purpose Statement

My Lady's Knight, Inc. was created to foster belief in the Holy Trinity –

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, through the guidance of Jesus’ Mother and our Blessed Mother Mary.

The methods and tools used to accomplish this may vary over time, and as needs change. Initially they include:
  • the design, production, and distribution of religious articles including vestments and accessories used at holy Mass
  • the production and distribution of prayer aides and recordings of religious or inspirational nature
  • the design, construction, and distribution of prayer aides and memorials including plaques, needlework, and various pieces of artistic nature
The beliefs of the Catholic Church provide guidance for the decisions of this corporation.

The activities of this corporation are non-profit, and all done in loving memory of Charles Anthony Francis Untz (1982-2000) who is "My Lady's Knight".